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ArmA 3 Payday mod

This time we are trying totally new ArmA 3 mod.
Mod is called payday and it’s still in beta stage so it might have few bugs.
As usual you have to download few mods to play in our server.
You can download everything what you need from here!

ArmA 2 Dayz Vanilla Mod Server Online

We changed our Arma 3 wasteland server to Arma 2 Dayz mod server.
Currently server is Vanilla mod and probably will be ?
But if you have some good suggestions you can always tell us!

Server are back online!

Servers are back online!
Our servers were offline yesterday (22.01.2016) due ddos but everything should work normally now!

Minidayz multiplayer

This is old game but it’s still free and you should try it!
It’s Minidayz!
Press here to play
And you can get chernarus map from here

Happy New Year 2016!

Ddaygaming wish you a happy new year 2016 !
We hope that you enjoyed to play on our servers and will come back also at next year!

Finnwars standalone game!

If there’s fans of old Battlefield 1942 and Finnwars mod then you should check this!
Original creators of mod (Iceflake studios) are going to transfer this great mod to standalone game and they have also started to do this
If you wanna see this game alive, go and contribute/buy this game already (you will get your money back if they are going to abandon this game)

Rainbow Six 3 server opened

We have now opened Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield server You can find our server at rs3 server browser “Ddaygaming Raven Shield”

Arma 3 server upgrade

We had little accident while upgrading arma3 server so it should be back online at tomorrow!
Hope it works better after upgrade. 🙂

A3Wasteland Stats

If you wanna check your stats on our wasteland server
You can do it here

Request ts3 channel easier!

You can now request your own permanent channel to teamspeak at here.