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Let me introduce you The Stid! Our mystery car/bike ski jumper More ยป


Exile-Z changed to Wasteland

Because it’s seems to be so hard to download two mods at once (or one from here) to get Exile-Z server.
We have changed Exile-Z to Wasteland mod
You don’t need any extra mods to play just connect to

TeamSpeak 3 free TS3 TeamSpeak Viewer

Teamspeak address:
To connect click here!

If you have some problems with our teamspeak or you need your own permanen channel, check this site.
Or you have been banned from our teamspeak then you have to contact us throught email or use forums!

Exile mod updated 0.9.34

Exile mod have been updated to new version!
You can download new mod from here

Exile mod updated!

Exile mod server is updated to 0.9.32 version
If you have some kind of problems, please contact us!

Exile statistics

If you wanna check your or your enemies stats it’s possible now.

Check this link.

Ark server wipe

After Ark v216 update (new biomes and dinos) we made wipe for server.
Hope you enjoy playing ark again after this large patch ! ๐Ÿ™‚

ArmA 3 Alive

ArmA 3 Alive


Epoch mod changed to exile-z mod

We have changed our ArmA 3 Epoch server to new Exile with zombies
You can download this new mod from here
After downloading mod. You have to add/enable exile and zombie mod ingame.

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Ark Survival Evolved

Open ark console by pressing tab and then write open or press this link.