Welcome to Summer 2023

We are still running and having fun as always!

Currently we are running game game servers to these games: Assetto Corsa, Valheim, V Rising, Satisfactory, 7 Days to Die. 

Come and join our teamspeak as always!

How are we doing!

We haven’t wrote news for while but it’s because we haven’t done much of changes.

Current servers

  • 3 Assetto Corsa servers
  • Valheim
  • Factorio
  • Arma 3
  • TeamSpeak 3

We are always listening for new suggestion. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

Early Access – Minor bug fixes

This is just a quick update that includes the following improvements:

  • Fixed the flickering mouse cursor issue when using the new Desktop controls on the destroyer.
  • Improved the VR interaction of the Diesel generator switch in the engine room.
  • Improved the VR interaction of the Snorkel wheel in the engine room.

Critical hardware failure

We had critical hardware failure in our new server.
Our SSD failed and crashed whole server.

Finally we got our new ssd and restored backups back to server.

Luckily it did broke now because now we have new (or i think so) ssd in our server which should work much longer.

Finally server is UP!

Finally we got our server back up again!
We had “some” “minor” issues with our server renter and finally when they managed to install our raid configurations (or so i thought) i had to redo installation. (Luckily it was way faster)

If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact masa