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Arma 3 Server address have been changed!

ArmA 3 Alive

ip:port server2.ddaygaming.com:2302

ArmA 3 Server finally updated!

Currently our ArmA3 server is running new apex mod and Tanoa island.
You don’t need any extra mods to get our server and there’s running Wasteland mod.

If you have something to add or change in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact us!

ip:port arma3.ddaygaming.com:2302

ArmA 3 Payday mod

This time we are trying totally new ArmA 3 mod.
Mod is called payday and it’s still in beta stage so it might have few bugs.
As usual you have to download few mods to play in our server.
You can download everything what you need from here!

Arma 3 server upgrade

We had little accident while upgrading arma3 server so it should be back online at tomorrow!
Hope it works better after upgrade. 🙂

A3Wasteland Stats

If you wanna check your stats on our wasteland server
You can do it here

Exile-Z changed to Wasteland

Because it’s seems to be so hard to download two mods at once (or one from here) to get Exile-Z server.
We have changed Exile-Z to Wasteland mod
You don’t need any extra mods to play just connect to arma3.ddaygaming.com:2302

Exile mod updated!

Exile mod server is updated to 0.9.32 version
If you have some kind of problems, please contact us!

Exile statistics

If you wanna check your or your enemies stats it’s possible now.

Check this link.

DayZ Standalone

Dayz Standalone

ip:port server2.ddaygaming.com:2302

Epoch on SSD

ArmA 3 Epoch server have been moved to ssd so it should work even better than earlier.

Hope you enjoy playing with us!