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Arma 3 Server

We set up new arma 3 server and it’s running co10-escape mission

Password for server is : tunestiga

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ArmA 3 Breaking Point!

We are currently running ArmA 3 Breaking Point mod on our server.
If you don’t have mod yet. You can use arma 3 own launcher to download it.

Server address:

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ArmA 3 server mod changed

ArmA 3 server mod is currently Desolation Redux
You can download mod from steam directly and server address have been same

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Epoch server custom load-out

We have added custom load-out on server.

When you spawn you will get

  • ACP-C2 .45 Pistol with 3 magazines
  • Map
  • Radio
  • Us Plate Carrier Rig (Vest)
  • Food & Drink
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